Thai Recipes - Step By Step On How To Cook That Special Thai Cuisine!

Why Thai Recipes? Whether you have been to Thailand or not, as Thai food lovers, you will be on the constant look out. If Thai food is what you love, you will feel right at home here with my easy to understand step by step on how to cook your favorite Thai cuisine.

Featured Thai Cuisine:

Son-In-Law Eggs/
Noodle Soup -
Heavenly Beef

Cooking can be considered an art but luckily, even if you have never cooked before in your life, you can still learn the art of cooking. There is really nothing stopping you from being a great cook -- that is if you want to be one.

Growing up in Thailand and Malaysia, I was never allowed into my family Thai Kitchen. It is just not the place for young people to be. To be honest, we are probably considered more a nuisance than a helper (and ... who can blame them ... lol!)

However, when I further my study in Melbourne, I had to cook to survive. Eating out is way too expensive and so I eat whatever I can cook -- which I can tell you is not very much indeed.

I was very lucky though. I happened to share a house with a few Thai people who were great cooks and who were willing to pass on some skills to me.

And I became a great cook from then on? Yeah ... Right ... Of course not! However, it means that I have acquired some skills and can follow the recipes to experiment with my dishes with that...

I enjoy watching cooking shows on TV but as I have mentioned before, taste is a very individual thing. I am sure you have seen many TV cooks demonstrating cooking Thai food which is obviously "their version of that Thai dish". So, when you follow those "Thai Recipes", bear in mind that it is that particular cook's version of the dish.

Even with the Thai Recipes on this site, I can only say that they are all my version especially when you are allowed to adjust the flavors to your taste.

These are Thai food recipes that are mine and close to my heart, tested and cooked at my home kitchen using ingredients that can be found at Supermarkets or Asian Grocery Shops -- not just from the Thai Markets in Thailand.

Get Access To My Thai Recipes:

Click on the pictures or link to get access to the recipes and ... What else can I say except "Enjoy" ...

New Recipes:

Thai Appetizer
Hor Mok
Gai Tod Hatyai 
Dry Fried Prawns

Soup Recipes:

Oxtail Soup
Mee Sua Soup
Tom Kha Gai
Tom Yum Goong

The Entree:

Gai Tod - Thai Style Deep Fried Chicken
Gai Yang - Thai Grilled Chicken
Gratiam Prik Thai Moo Yang - White Pepper Grilled Pork
Nua Sawan - Heavenly Thai Beef Jerky
Gai Hor Bai Toey - Pandan Chicken
Peek Gai Yat Sai - Stuffed Chicken Wings
Popiah Tod - Thai Spring Rolls
Tod Mun Pla - Fish Cakes
Tod Mun Salmon - Salmon Patties

Thai Salads:

Larb Gai - Minced Chicken Salad
Miang Kham - Wrapped Parcel
Nam Sod - Minced Pork with Mint Leaves, Ginger, Peanuts and Dried Prawns
Nur Nam Tok - Waterfall Beef
Som Tam - Green Papaya Salad
Yum Kai Kem - Spicy Salted Duck Eggs Salad
Yum Kun Chiang - Lupcheong or Chinese Sausage Salad
Yum Mamuang - Green Mango Salad
Yum Sai Grog - Spicy Thai-Style Hungarian Sausages
Yum Voon Cent - Glass Noodle Salad


Pad Gai Krapow - Thai Basil Chicken
Pad Mamuang Hinmaphan Gai - Cashew Chicken
Pad Goong Gratiam Prik Thai - Garlic Pepper Prawns
Pad Khing Gai - Ginger Chicken
Gai Yang Gaeng Dang - Grilled Chicken With Curry Paste
Pa Lo - Braised Belly Pork
Pla Tod - Fried Fish
Kai Jeow - Fried Omelette
Khao Man Gai - Chicken Rice
Khao Man Gai - Chicken Rice And Sauce Preparation
Pla Jian - Fried Fish with Yellow Bean Ginger Sauce
Pla Lard Prik - Fried Fish with Pickled Garlic Chilli Sauce
Kai Kem - Salted Duck Eggs
Kai Luuk Kheuy - Son-In-Law Eggs
Pla Neaung - Steamed Fish
Pad Kana - Stir Fry Broccoli
Pad Ped Goong - Stir Fry Prawns with King Oyster Mushrooms
Pad Hoi Shell - Stir Fry Scallops


Gaeng Dang - Red Curry
Gaeng Garee Gai - Yellow Curry
Gaeng Keaw Wan - Green Curry
Massaman Curry Beef
Massaman Curry Osso Bucco
Panang Beef Curry


Kway Teow Nam - Noodle Soup
Pad See Ew - Stir Fry Rice Noodles in Dark Soya Sauce
Pad Thai


Khao Pad - Fried Rice
Khao Man Gai
Chicken Rice And Sauce Preparation


Nam Pla Wan

Dessert Recipes:

Kluay Buad Chee
Tub Tim Grob

Thai Food Lovers

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