Thai Mango Salad - Healthy Food That Tastes Amazingly Good!


Thai Mango Salad is also known as Yum Mamuang in Thailand.

This salad dish uses the green mango which is shredded and is actually quite similar to Som Tam - the Green Papaya Salad.

If you are into salads and healthy food, this is one Thai Recipes that you will use over and over again.

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This dish really brings back my childhood memories. At my grandparents's house in Hatyai, there were three Green Mango trees - one behind the house and two at the side of the house. When the trees were loaded with mangoes, my grandmother frequently made "Yum Mamuang" for us children to snack on when we visited them. We always looked forward to the visit especially when we know that this salad dish is available.

I have included fried silver whiting in this dish as I find it gives the salad a bit of a crunch, however the fried fish is totally optional and the salad is just as divine without it.

You can also serve this salad as a side dish to an entree like soft shell crabs; fried fish especially the yummy dish like the fried flounder; fried chicken or any seafood entrees.

Thai Mango Salad Recipe:

From The Thai Kitchen:

* Ceramic Bowl
* Fry Pan
* Knife
* Mixing Bowl
* Serving Plate
* Shredder

Thai Ingredients:

* 1 medium green mango (shredded)
* 3 tbs dried shrimps (roughly chopped)
* 2 french shallots (finely sliced)
* 1 clove garlic (crushed)

Seasoning Ingredients:

* 4 tbs fish sauce
* 20g palm sugar
* 1 tsp sugar
* 1.5 tsp lime juice
* 1-2 small chillies (crushed)

For Garnishing:

* 3 tbs desiccated coconut (lightly toasted)
* 1 coriander (chopped)
* 1.5 tbs peanuts (lightly crushed)
* fried silver whiting fillets (optional)


1. Prepare the "Thai Ingredients" and the "Garnishing Ingredients" as indicated, making sure that the dried shrimps are soaked and drained before roughly chopping them - then leave all these ingredients aside, ready to be used.

2. Mix all the "Seasoning Ingredients" in a ceramic bowl.

3. Taste and adjust the flavor accordingly as the seasoning mixture should have the 4 "s" tastes - sweet, salty, sour and chili hot.

4. In a mixing bowl, place the shredded green mango, dried shrimps, french shallots, garlic and the seasoning ingredients together.

5. Mix them well and thoroughly and then serve the salad on a plate

6. In a small fry pan, fry the silver whiting fillets until nice and crispy

7. Garnish the salad with at least 1/2 to all the lightly toasted desiccated coconut, peanuts, coriander and fried silver whiting fish fillets before serving

8. Enjoy this Thai Green Mango Salad on its own as a standalone salad, entree, snacks or with drinks

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