Does Your Thai Kitchen Have The Essential Thai Cookware?

No, having a Thai Kitchen does not require you to spend all your money to buy new Thai cookware despite the fact that Thai food is growing in popularity around the world and more and more people are scouring new Thai recipes to cook at home.

In fact, you will find most cookware used in Thai recipes and Thai food cooking similar to kitchen appliances found in any other kitchen. The exception is of course the oven since Thai cooking is mostly done over the grill or the stove-top.

So, if you are one of the many Thai food lovers, you will find it useful to invest in a few essential appliances that you will be using over and over again when you are trying that special Thai recipe to create your favorite Thai food.

The Wok is probably the main cookware used to prepare most thai food. The wok with the ladle is frequently used for stir-frying, cooking curries, pastes and sauces.

Thai food and Thai cooking is all about the blending of the various herbs and spices. It is no surprise therefore that you will not find a Thai Kitchen without a Mortar and Pestle.

The Thais uses mortar and pestle all the time to pound and blend spices, chillies, ginger, galangal etc to get that specific texture which the modern blender just cannot create. The Thais swear by this traditional old school technique the powerful aroma created is just amazingly good.

Have you ever wonder how the Asians are able to cook their rice to perfection each and every time? The secret is in the Rice Cooker. Many people find cooking rice in a pot too hard and often end up burning the rice but with the rice cooker, choose the right one and you will get aromatic fluffy rice without fail. So, it makes good sense to invest in a rice cooker if you really enjoy Thai food since you will be using it with every single Thai meal that you prepare.

Certain Thai food are considered a healthy choice food and so The Steamer is one of many cookware frequently found in a Thai Kitchen. As such you will find the Thais doing a lot of steaming in either the aluminium steamer or the bamboo steamer where they very frequently steam dumplings, fish or vegetables.

Another type of steamer used is the Sticky Rice Steamer. Now, the Thais love their sticky or glutinous rice -- in fact you will find the foodnetwork regions around Thailand enjoy their sticky rice and the popularity is increasing as more and more people get to know it.

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