Son-In-Law Eggs Are What Mother-In Laws Dream Of ...

Son-In-Law eggs, also known as Khai Luuk Kheuy in Thai are commonly sold by street vendors in Thailand. It is quite a simple and tasty dish where you deep fry the hard boiled eggs. You then topped the eggs with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce garnished with spring onion and if you like - coriander too.

There are many versions of how the name of the dish came about. I have done some research on the storyline but it seems that there is no official version. So, if anyone out there who knows of the true version, I would be most happy and excited to hear from you.

Here's the polite version : the son-in-law cooks this dish because he did not have much in the pantry except for eggs. His mother in law was so impressed with the flavor of this dish that she ended up cooking this dish for her friends all the time. When they asked her about the origin of this dish, she would always proudly say "It's my son in law eggs!"

However, many people seem to resonate with this version more --- where the mother-in-law cooks this dish for her son-in-law to highlight a point. If he mistreat or does not look after his wife well (HER Daughter!!!) his 'balls' will be fried like the dish --- hence son-in-law eggs!

Khai Luuk Kheuy Thai Recipe:

Son-In-Law Eggs/

From The Thai Kitchen:

* Chopping Board
* Cleaver
* Ladle
* Saucepan

Thai Ingredients:

** 3-4 large eggs, hard boiled in a saucepan
* 1/2 cup cooking oil

** 1.5 cup water
* 30g tamarind paste

Sauce Ingredients:

* 75g palm sugar
* 1 tsp sugar
* 1 tbs fish sauce
* 1 tbs light soy sauce

For Garnishing:

* 2-3 tbs fried shallots
* 1 spring onions (finely shred)
* 1 red chillies (finely sliced)
* 2 sprigs coriander


1. Thoroughly mix water and tamarind paste, then sieve and put aside

2. Add all sauce ingredients and the sieved liquid in a small saucepan. Bring to the boil then bring back to a gentle simmer

3. Sauce is ready when it is syrupy and sticky - about 1/2 hour

4. Heat up cooking oil to very hot then place the whole eggs in the oil till it turns golden brown and a slight bubbly texture

5. Lift the eggs and drain our absorbent paper

6. When the eggs are cool to touch, cut into quarters and place on serving plate

7. Spoon all the sauce over the eggs, garnish and serve.

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