Som Tam - How To Make Healthy Green Papaya For Salad!


Som Tam as it is locally known in Thai or Green Papaya Salad to most of us, is a beautiful dish that is influenced from North-Eastern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

If you have been wanting green papaya for salad recipes, look no further as this is healthy, delicious and one very popular Thai cuisine.

This is a spicy dish made from shredded green or unripe papaya.
You can find the 4 "S" of saltiness, sweetness, sourness and a fiery level of spiciness which you can of course tone down if you are trying out this Thai recipe. (Note though that the fiery spiciness is what make this dish appealing and unique)

The ingredients in this dish are always mixed and pounded using "Laos-Styled" mortar and pestle otherwise known as Kruk or Kleuk in Thai.

If you are on one of your Thailand travels, make sure you ask for the dish to suit your taste so that you can enjoy it.

Very often, they will ask if you want to have "Brined Crabs" which are actually local salted black crabs or rice field crabs. Most of us tend to think that they are marine crabs which is actually not correct. You will often find these crabs in the flooded rice fields and canals.

For this recipe however, I have decided to use choko instead of papaya seeing that I have harvested so many chokos from my backyard.

It is a simpler and quick version so I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Som Tam Thai Recipes:


From The Thai Kitchen:

* Bowls
* Kife for shredding
* Ladle
* Mortar and Pestle

Thai Ingredients:

* 1 choko (shredded)
* or 1/2 green papaya
* 1 clove garlic
* 2-4 chillies (as much as you can take the heat)
* 1.5 tbs dried prawns
* 1.5 tbs palm sugar
* 2 snake beans (cut into 5cm length)
* 6-8 cherry tomatoes
* 1 lime
* 1.5 ground peanuts (lightly pounded)
* 3-4 tbs fish sauce


1. Pound garlic, chillies using mortar and pestle

2. Add dried prawns and pound further so as to break the dried prawns up a little

3. Add the palm sugar and peanuts and continue pounding a bit more

4. Transfer pounded mixture to a ceramic bowl

5. Again in the mortar and pestle, bruise the shredded choko or papaya a little at a time until finished

6. Transfer the bruised shredded choko or papaya, snake beans, cherry tomatoes and lime to the ceramic bowl

7. Add the fish sauce and mix the ingredients well

8. Taste for flavors and adjust for saltiness, sweetness or sourness

9. Transfer to a serving plate and enjoy


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