Nur Nam Tok - How To Cook It To Perfection!

Nur Nam Tok literally means "Waterfall Beef" meaning that this dish should be so fiery hot when eaten that tears of joy (?!?!?!) will flow like a waterfall.

It is cooked with beef preferably ... scotch fillet or rump steak. This grilled steak dish is taken as entree in Western countries. In Thailand however, this dish is usually taken as a side dish outside meal times.

In the evening, after office hours, workers will go to the Country Restaurants, like how we go to the pubs. Cooling themselves down with the wind blowing in their face, they will order dishes like nur nam tok, larb gai, gai yang, som tum or even tom yum soup to go with their cold drinks

You will also find it very popularly served at nightclubs in Thailand seeing how it goes so perfectly with cold alcoholic drinks.

Nur Nam Tok Thai Recipe

From The Thai Kitchen:

* Cleaver
* Ladle
* Mortar and Pestle
* Saucepan

Thai Ingredients:

* 350-400g Rump or Scotch fillets
* 6-8 asian shallots (sliced)
* 3 fresh coriander (chopped)
* 3-4 spring onions (chopped)
* 2-3 fresh chillies (chopped)
* 1 tsp ground dried chillies
* 1lemongrass thinly sliced (white part only)
* 3 tbs rice (toasted and roughly ground)

Seasoning Ingredients to taste:

* 2 tsp sugar
* 3 tbs fish sauce
* 2 tbs light soy sauce
* 2 tbs lemon juice

Greens Accompaniment:

* cos lettuce
* cucumbers
* garden mint
* Thai basil


1. Heat up the fry-pan till very hot

2. Then cook the steak from medium-rare to rare

3. Remove from fry-pan and rest the steak

4. While steak is resting, prepare the "Thai Ingredients" as mentioned

5. When steak has been rested properly and cool to touch, slice the steak and leave aside

6. Heat a saucepan, add the sliced steak and give it a good mix before taking it off the heat

7. Add the prepared Thai Ingredients and the Seasoning Ingredients

8. Mix well and taste for flavors

9. Lastly, add the ground toasted rice

10. Serve on a plate of lettuce accompanied by cucumber, thai basil and garden mint.

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