Try Yum Kun Chiang For One Quick Yummy Thai Recipe!


Kun Chiang in the Thai language and Lup Cheong in the Chinese language literally means Chinese Sausage.

The Thais love their "Yums" which means to "Mix".

Yum Kun Chiang is no exception. This dish is taken like 'comfort food' in most households.

You will find many households stocking up some Kun Chiang in their pantry for emergencies like when they want to whip up something really quickly.

Apart from being used in the "Yum" dish, Kun Chiang is a favorite ingredient to use for fried rice, fried noodles or even stir fried and then steamed sticky rice.

The versatility of Kun Chiang or Lup Cheong makes this ingredients a popular demand from most Asian Stores. If you are buying it from Asian food stores and cannot find it, ask the storekeepers for Lup Cheong instead of Kun Chiang.

Yum Kun Chiang Thai Recipe:

From The Thai Kitchen:

* Cleaver
* Griller or Fry Pan

Thai Ingredients:

* 3 Kun Chiang (sliced)
* 1 French Shallot or 2-3 Asian Shallots
* 1 Spring Onion (chopped)
* 1 Coriander (chopped)
* 1-2 Fresh Chillies
* Quarter wedge lemon


1. Grill kun chiang or lup cheong, making sure you are constantly turning it to prevent them from being burnt

2. Remove the grilled kun chiang from the griller

3. Slice at an angle and mix all the ingredients together

4. Squeeze the lemon and mix well

This dish complements perfectly with congee.

It is also perfect as a starter to the meal.

Insider Tip:

Adjust the amount of chillies to add according to the level of spiciness you can take.

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