Are You Game To Try Insects For Snacks?

Eat Insects? I hear you gasp!

Aha --- you may or may not be surprised to learn that many Thais love eating bugs as snacks.

They are actually packed full of protein and nutrients and it is therefore not surprising to find the locals tucking into them because they reckon it helps them achieve good health.

Thai Food Lovers

Look, this eating habit is not a gimmick for tourists.

The locals truly like to eat bugs for snacks and is one of the popular Thai Street Food. When freshly fried they are delicious and crunchy and taste like crispy chips.

In fact, there are certain Thai schools where the principals would get the children to collect crickets in the night and take them to school the next day to be cooked for lunch ofr the school children.

There are a growing number of food stalls selling different types of bugs and not surprisingly, a good stall get a really good decent turnover each day.

The insatiable appetite for this type of snack in Thailand means a growing industry for a good many entrepreneurs. For many who either have difficulty finding a job or need supplement to their income, catching bugs is a growing business creating this network of insect hunters.

Crickets, Chicadas, Lavae, Grasshoppers, Giant Waterbugs ...

If you are adventurous, go ahead --- try the giant waterbug dipped in seasoned batter!

Then, there are the crickets, chicadas, lavae, grasshoppers etc - crispy and crunchy!

In fact, crickets are so popular, cricket farms have sprung up all over Thailand - it is not just the freshly fried that are in demand, the frozen and canned ones are also transported all over Thailand.

If you are really game, try the tarantulas as they are described as delicious and creamy with the bottom half of the tarantulas tasting like cream!

However, the deluxe and therefore the more expensive ones are the Red Ants. Their eggs are considered the finest cavier!

Dishes like Ants Stew, Red Ants Egg Omelette or Red Ants Egg Salad accompanied by the local sticky rice are considered by many as just divine. Eating Red Ants Eggs is like eating cavier but is much much more flavorsome!

If we overcome our collective fear and prejudice, we will find it more beneficial to our health to snack on bugs instead of fast food and sweets.

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