Thai Grilled Pork - Delicious with Pepper And Garlic ...

Thai grilled pork with pepper and garlic is also known as Gratiam Prik Thai Moo Yang in Thailand.

This is one street food that is very popular in our household as we completely devour it within 5 minutes.

This method of marinating and cooking can be applied to other types of meat like various cuts of pork, chicken and even beef or seafood if you wish. This is especially great when you intend to have a BBQ with families or friends.

For this recipe, I have chosen to use pork belly to stir up my memories of street food in Thailand.

Grilled Pork Thai Recipe

From The Thai Kitchen:

* Cleaver
* Griller
* Mixing Bowl
* Mortar and Pestle
* Tongs

Thai Ingredients:

* 4 strips pork belly (2.5-3cm wide)

Ingredients A

* 4 cloves garlic
* 1 french shallot
* 2 big coriander roots
* 1 tsp white pepper
* 1-1.5 tbs palm sugar
* 1/2 tsp salt

Sauce Ingredients:

* 1-2 tbs oyster sauce
* 2 tbs fish sauce
* 1 tbs light soy sauce


1. Pound together "Ingredients A" coarsely

2. Combine the pounded "Ingredients A" and the "Sauce Ingredients" and mix well

3. Massage the combined mixture into the strips of pork belly

4. Rest the pork in the fridge for at least 2 hours but preferably overnight to get the flavor infused

5. Cook over a hot grill, 4 minutes on each side

6. Let cool slightly before chopping into 1.5cm pieces

7. Serve hot and enjoy

Insider Secret Tips:

1. Make sure the pork belly are pat dry before applying the combined mixture.

2. You can also use whole chicken, breast fillets, chicken wings or chicken drumsticks (lol! - what a tip -- basically you can use any parts of the chicken!)

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