Thai Green Curry is distinct in its color and aromatic flavor!


Thai Green Curry or better known as Gaeng Keaw Wan in Thailand is made with fresh green chillies and hence the green color curry.

The fragrant and aromatic flavor from this signature Thai dish is brought out with the correct mix of spiciness from the curry paste, the richness of the coconut milk, the sweetness of the palm sugar and the saltiness of the fish sauce.

When we still had the restaurant, this is probably one of the more popular dish frequently favored by our customers.

In Thailand, I remembered peddlers carrying different types of curries - normally, one Red, one Green and one Nam Ja, a kind of curry specifically for the Kanom Jeen the one end of the pole and rice or kanom Jeen on the end of the pole setting up temporary "stall-like" spot to sell along the street.

This curry dish goes perfectly well with the steamed and fragrant Thai Jasmine rice or a type of noodles called "Kanom Jeen".

Gaeng Keaw Wan Thai Recipe:

From The Thai Kitchen:

* Chopping Board
* Cleaver
* Ladle
* Saucepan

Thai Ingredients:

* 4 pieces of chicken maryland (chopped)
* 3-5 tbs curry paste (green)
* 600ml of water
* 1 * 400ml can coconut milk

Seasoning Ingredients:

* 50g palm sugar
* 6 tsp fish sauce
* 4 tsp light soy sauce

For Garnishing:

* 2 kaffir lime leaves
* 2 sprigs of fresh basil leaves
* 1 big red chillies, sliced at an angle

Vegetables Choices:

* Bamboo shoots (sliced)
* Baby eggplant
* Thai eggplant
* Lebanese eggplant
* Snake beans
* chokoes
* zuchinni
* cauliflower
* okra
* 1-2 kaffir lime leaves
* 3 sprigs fresh Thai basil leaves


1. In a saucepan, fry the curry paste in a tablespoon of coconut milk until fragrant

2. Add chicken pieces and mix well

3. Add the rest of the coconut milk and 600ml of water

4. Bring the mixture to boil, reduce heat and add kaffir lime leaves, basil leaves and your choice of vegetables

5. Add seasoning ingredients and taste

6. The flavor should have salty-sweet or sweet-salty type of blending

7. Serve hot with Jasmine rice


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