Glass Noodle Salad Recipe - How To Get It Right!

 Glass Noodle Salad recipe is a must have for anyone who loves Thai food but is health conscious.

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More popularly known as Yum Woon Sen in Thailand, this salad is often referred to as "Cellophane Noodle Salad or Mung Bean Noodle Salad or even Bean Thread Noodle Salad.

However you call it, is is another healthy but delicious Thai salad dish that we Thais enjoy having in our everyday diet.

This salad which is usually mixed with prawns, minced pork and packed with fresh herbs like coriander, shallots and garlic are also extremely popular outside Thailand.

Yum Woon Sen Thai Recipe:

Glass Noodle

From The Thai Kitchen:

* Cleaver
* Ladle
* Mixing Bowl
* Mortar and Pestle
* Saucepan

Thai Ingredients:

* 80g bean thread noodles
* 100g raw prawns (peeled)
* 150g minced pork

* 3 tbs dried prawns
* 30g cup peanuts
* 4 shallots
* 1 clove garlic
* 5 sprigs coriander
* 4 stalks Chinese celery
* 2-4 fresh chilies

Seasoning Ingredients to taste:

* 1.5 tsp sugar
* 2.5 tsp fish sauce
* 1 tbs light soy sauce
* 2-3 tbs lemon juice

* NB: Mix seasoning ingredients in a bowl and start off with 1.5 tsp of sugar, then balance the flavoring by adding the rest to your taste.


1. Prepare the main ingredients as per below:

- Bread Thread Noodles - immerse in warm water for 20 minutes and drain

- Raw Prawns - boil water and cook the prawns, then drain

- Minced Pork - place 2 tbs water in a saucepan to cook the minced pork

2. Prepare the other ingredients as per below:

- Dried Prawns - wash, drain and lightly pounded

- Peanuts - lightly crush

- Shallots - slice thinly

- Garlic - crushed

- Coriander - chopped

- Chinese celery - sliced at an angle

- Fresh chilies - chopped

3. In a large mixing bowl, add all the ingredients and the seasoning together and mix well

4. Test, taste and adjust flavoring to your liking, making sure you have the 4 's' of sweet, sour, salty and spicy blended correctly

5. Transfer to a serving plate and serve warmish

Insider Secret Tips:

The seasoning is what makes this dish so good - practice to get your seasoning right.


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