Thai cooking Class In Melbourne - Invitation To Cook Alongside Me!

Thai Cooking Class is good way to learn all about Thai food and understand how you can create the correct flavors when you are following the Thai recipes at home.

I enjoy cooking with a passion and I enjoy cooking for families and friends but teaching people how to cook Thai food was never on my agenda --- UNTIL NOW ---

Since I started this site, I have been receiving requests for me to hold cooking classes and I have been humbled by it.

So, if you have been looking for a Thai cooking School --- Why look anywhere else?

Here Is My Invitation To You:

I am now sending this invitation to anyone who is interested to cook alongside me to learn the secrets of cooking Thai food in a home environment.

What Can You Expect To Achieve?

With my cooking lessons, I will introduce you to the flavours of Thai food and show you step by step on how you can recreate your favourite Thai recipes.

The aim is that by the end of the class, you will get to understand a bit more about Thai food and more importantly understand the blending of the 4 "s" - the saltiness, the sweetness, the sourness and finally the spiciness.

No arguments there - the blending is what sets Thai food apart so learning to get that authentic Thai taste and flavor is what I am endeavouring for you to learn.

Apart from the introduction to the taste of Thai food, you will also get to know the Thai Ingredients especially the herbs and spices and the sauces essential to create your Thai recipes

See the cooking class photos and comments from a few of the people who have taken the class with me ...

Click here to register and book ...

Sample Menus:

Mee Sua
Oxtail Soup
Tom Kha
Tom Yum

Gai Tod
Larb Gai
Miang Kham
Nam Sod
Nur Nam Tok
Pandan Chicken
Pla Tod Mun
Salmon Fish Cakes
Spring Rolls
Som Tam
Stuffed Chicken Wings
Yum Mamuang

Main Courses:
Basil chicken
Braised Belly Pork
Cashew Chicken
Fried Omelette
Fried Rice
Gaeng Garee Gai
Gai Yang
Ginger Chicken
Green Curry
Grilled Pork
Massaman Curry
Pad Thai
Pla Lard Prik
Red Chicken Curry
Yum Kun Chiang

Kluay Buad Chee
Black Sticky Rice Pudding
Mango and Sticky Rice (when mangoes are in season)

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