All About Me With Thai Food And My Closely Guarded Thai Recipes

Hi, If you are wondering about me and who I am -- my name is Vut Satianyot and used to own and run a Thai Restaurant business in Malvern, Victoria. (So, if you have frequented that restaurant before, I would love to hear from you guys again)

I was born in Hatyai, Southern Thailand. I am half Malaysian and half Thai as my father was from Penang, Malaysia and my mother from Hatyai, Thailand. It is no surprise therefore, that even though I was born in Thailand, I was educated in Penang, Malaysia.

As far as I can remember, my aunties and uncles from both my father's and mother's side love to cook. And ... luckily for them ... everything about me is my love to eat! lol!


I remember I used to enjoy Thai food when I was home in Hatyai but cannot wait to get back to the delicious Malaysian Nyonya food in Penang.

You can say that I was in the best of both worlds in terms of food and beauty of the place. Growing up, I would travel constantly between my two homes in Hatyai and Penang.

Then I had to move away from the food I love ... I relocated to Melbourne, Australia to further my studies.

You know, something about me wished I had .. sigh .. if only someone have told me to learn the secrets of the art of cooking or at least get the recipes of all my favorite food from my aunties then. Now, I am trying to get the younger ones interested before it is all lost.

Still, moving to Melbourne was an exciting time for me as I have never been anywhere else apart from Malaysia and Thailand.

Excitement faded away very quickly when I find that there is no one to cook my meals anymore .. worse still, since I was never usually allowed into the kitchen at home, I never had to learn to cook before this.

Yes, this is big time "about me" self pity ...

Well, like they say, you either "sink or swim" and seeing how I love my food, I knew I had to learn to "swim". The "Food God" must be looking after me well when I landed myself with housemates who were able to cook well and willing to teach me a trick or two.

My passion for food and journey in home cooking started its natural course.

My love for wines on the other hand, seems to come to me quite naturally -- lol!

When the opportunity came for me to be involved in the food business, I jump into it with both feet! I swapped my Accountant's hat to be in the Thai Restaurant business in the 1980s when Thai food was still a new taste to many ...

It was not difficult to find many Thai food lovers as we get to know our customers as our close knit friends as you can see from the above picture ...

As time goes, we had a few write-ups in newspapers and constant recommendation on the radio - our regular customers were literally ringing us to let us know that we were highly recommended on the radio and new customers were coming in with newspaper cutting of the dishes eaten and recommended by the food critic ... I was hyped ... and I knew then I have found my special niche ...

That was how I ended up being so passionate about cooking and eating good quality food ... I find it a joy to spend hours experimenting, modifying and perfecting different types of food ...

Am I just a Thai food lover? ...

Well ... hmmm ... No ...

Being a Thai, a Malaysian and an Australian, I like to think that I am still in the crowd of Thai food lovers but maybe a bit more than just that ...

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