Thai Market - Best Place To Sample Authentic Thai Food!

The Thai Market is probably one of the most interesting places to visit when you travel Thailand.

They offer you an insight to the local lifestyle and a great opportunity to sample the kind of Thai food that you will not find where you live.

I love the different Markets there - be they on land or floating on water.

But have you ever visited a market that is just beside the railway tracks like the Maeklong Railway Market - there is the crowd, the noise and most importantly, the vibes!

Although they can be a hot and humid place to be in, you know you will be rewarded with rows and rows of stalls selling everything from exciting varieties of vegetables, seafood including live fish, meat to cooked food and even clothing and fashion accessories to kitchenware and electronic products to groceries to chili powder, herbs and spices.

Markets in Thailand can be very well planned and organized into sections. Therefore, shoppers know exactly where to go when they want to get certain stuff. You will find rows and rows of stalls in one section selling all varieties of vegetables; another section of the market selling all types of meat like chicken or lamb or goat or beef or pork; yet another section of the market selling all varieties of seafood from fish to shellfish like crabs or pipis or cuttlefish to herbs and spices. The list just goes on and on.

However, who can forget the ever popular Thai food, Thai desserts, Thai Jasmine Rice and the many varieties of exotic Thai fruits at the Thai Market? Some of the best and most authentic Thai food is readily available at any of the Thai Market and they can be cheap, filling and very tasty. What a great way to sample all your favorites!

Here's my confession - I am greedy - I order not one, but two or three different types of food just for me! Returning to Thailand from Australia, I find the portion served there rather small so I delight in ordering more to sample and to take in all that I have missed (... yes, greedy me!...).

Asians are used to having supper after their evening meal and the Thais are no exception. Night Markets in Thailand are more like street markets geared more towards food, light walking and shopping. Most night markets are congested and crowded with hawkers trying to attract customers but what a buzz.

In Bangkok, there are many night markets around Sukhumvit, Silom and Khao San Road which sells everything from food to handicrafts to T-shirts to fashion accessories. This is where you can acquire your new favorite Thai dish so that you can equip yourself with that Thai recipe to recreate it at home.

One of the most unique experiences in Thailand are going to the floating markets like Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Amphawa Floating Market.

Floating Markets are usually abuzz with color, noise and excitement! It is definitely a picturesque place to be. The floating markets allures thousands of tourists sampling the different Thai food sold there.

Weekend markets like the Chatuchak Weekend Market is arguably the largest open air market in the world. You can get anything and everything here and often at very cheap prices.

Be prepared to spend a whole day here.

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