Thai Appetizer - Fast And Delicious!

Thai Appetizer or this particular Thai hor d'oeuvres is my fusion dish that is easy to assemble, fast to prepare, delicious and exploding with Thai flavors and will never disappoint anyone eating it...

Thai Food Lovers

It is great as a afternoon or pre-dinner snack - especially when it is served with beer, wine or spirit when extended families or friends comes around. 

It is hard to find Thai sausages overseas so just replace it with any gourmet sausages or even chorizos and you will find that they are just as good!

When dressing up your plate, it is really up to your imagination how you want to present this dish so bring out your most creative design ... or you can just follow my simple presentation in the photo!

I wanted to have some fun and experiment and this is the result.

You may find that this is more like a cross between my Miang Kham and my Yum Sai Grog but every experimented dish that have fantastic results is a dish worth mentioning!

Try it and if you like it, let me know - I would love to hear your feedback!

Thai Appetizer With Hungarian Sausages:

Thai Ingredients:

* 2-3 Hot Hungarian Sausages
* 1-2 Cos Lettuce (washed and drained)
* 3-4 tbs Dry Roasted Peanuts and/or cashew nuts
* 3-4 tbs Ginger (small cubes)
* 3-4 tbs Garlic (sliced) 
* 3-4 tbs Shallots (small cubes)
* 2 tbs Red/Green Thai chillies (sliced)
* 1-2 Fresh Coriander
* 1 Lime (small cubes)


1. Grilled the sausages and then let it cool

2. While the sausages are cooling, prepare the vegetable ingredients as stated

3. Slice the sausages when they are cooled enough to handle

4. Dress up the plate with the with all the ingredients as per how you like to present your dish ...

5. To serve, just place a bit of each ingredient on to the lettuce leaf and put the whole parcel into your mouth ...

6. Hmmmmm .... enjoy this flavorsome fusion Thai appetizer with friends and beer, whisky or wine with families and friends ...

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