Maeklong Railway Market Is Divided By A Train ...

Visit Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok for a different look at a Wet Market especially if you are heading to Damnoen Saduak, Amphava or Tha Kha Floating Market anyway.

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Better known as 'Talad Rome Hoop' in Thai where Talad means Market; Rome means Umbrella and Hoop means Folded, the set up here is really quite interesting.

What is unique here is that this marketplace is built along both sides of the Train tracks. This market is not just set up for tourism. It is a working market and apart from shoppers going on their daily routine of shopping for their food and groceries, tourists are also there to see why this is such a unique place. The buzz is of course whenever the train is due to arrive.

Just remember that Thailand has tropical weather where it is mostly hot and humid throughout the year. The natural relief and when you get the rain. For convenience, instead of using umbrellas, stall holders uses tent covers or awnings to give them relief from the heat. The tent covers are supported by poles which they will easily put up or pull down when the train approaches.

The train is scheduled to arrive and depart 8 times a day. The food produce are basically laid just NEXT to the steel railway tracks. The vendors will start pulling in the tent covers and their mats with their vegetables or fruits on it (if they have it too close to the tracks), when they hear the train whistle as it approaches.

The space is tight so you will feel the excitement of finding yourself within touching distance of the train as it glides past you.

This is how relax the Thai lifestyle is - the stall holders do not see this mundane routine of having to do all this work on the hour. Instead they see it as the fact that it can be done in minutes and just part and parcel of having a stall there.

Be mindful though that this is a Wet Market so do not expect to see stuff like what you see in the floating markets where you are able to shop for more touristy souvenirs.

If you happen to be there on a day when it is raining, do not stand under the tent covers when they pull in down to let the train pass as you will find yourself wet from the water from the top of the tent covers. Wear sensibly as it can get quite hot and stuffy under the row of covered tents or awnings but I guess that is just part of the fun of it (or not).

At the station though, you can shop for clothing where you can spend time to enjoy and haggle for the right price and indulge at one of the many food and drink stalls to re-energize before indulging in more shopping.

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