Grilled Chicken With My Special Homemade Curry Paste And Okra

Grilled Chicken with Curry Paste or Gai Yang Kreang Gang in Thai is my creation of Gai Yang but marinated with my own special curry paste.

Grilled Chicken With Homemade Curry Paste & Okra Thai Recipe:

From The Thai Kitchen:

* Blender
* Chopping Board
* Cleaver
* Ladle
* Large Mixing Bowl
* Saucepan

Thai Ingredients:

* 1.5kg chicken pieces
* 200g Okra (aka ladies fingers)

Curry Paste For Marinate:

* 10 large dried chilles
* 9 or 120g shallots
* 3 garlic
* 20g ginger
* 15g turmeric
* 15g galangal
* 1 large lemongrass
* 1 tbs ground coriander
* 1/2 tbs ground cumin
* 1/4 tbs ground fennel

Sauce Ingredients:

* 2 tbs fish sauce
* 2 tbs light soya sauce
* 1 tbs oyster sauce
* 40g palm sugar
* 200ml coconut milk


1. Chop chicken into good size pieces (you can use marylands, breasts, drumsticks or even chicken wings)

2. Prepare and put all the marinate ingredients into a blender

3. Blend the ingredients into a fine paste

4. In a large mixing bowl, add the chicken pieces, the curry paste and the sauce ingredients together

5. Mix well

6. Leave to marinate for a few hours and even better if left overnight so that the marinate can really penetrate into the chicken

7. Cook over glowing coals or griller or oven - whichever you find convenient

8. Whilst the chicken is cooking, bring some water to boil to blanch the okra

9. Line the serving plate with the blanched okra and then place the now beautifully cooked and delicious chicken on top of it

10. Serve hot with jasmine rice

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