Thai Fried Tofu - What A Great Starter!

Fried Tofu or Tau Hu Tod when done properly is really nie and light. This is a good starter dish to guide your palate into the more delicious tastes to come from your main courses. If you happen to visit a Thai Chinese Restaurant, just ask for Tau Hu Tod for something tasty and healthy at the same time.

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When cooking this at home, just know that there are many brands of beancurd to choose from. Keep trying until you get one that gets you the perfect firm on the outside and nice and soft on the inside when cooked.

As usual, if you are trying out any of my recipes, please do not forget to send a few pictures of the cooked dishes and drop me a line to let me know how you went ...

Fried Tofu Recipe:

From The Thai Kitchen:

* A pair of tongs

* Mortar and Pestle

Thai Ingredients:

* 1 * 500 ml White firm tofu 

* Oil for frying

Flour Mix:

* 1.5 part Cornflour

* 1.0 part Riceflour

* Salt and Pepper


1. Remove tofu from package and carefully place on a plate

2. Put the plate in the fridge and remove excess liquid from the tofu at every hour or so interval

3. Keep repeating process every hour or so

4. Finally, pat it dry with paper towel

5. Cut the tofu into serving pieces and coat in the Flour Mix

6. Meanwhile, heat oil in the deep fryer to 175 degrees centigrades

7. Once oil is hot enough, shake off excess flour before frying

8. When it is looking nice and golden brown, place it to drain further on paper towels.

9. Serve it immediately with the sweet chili and peanut dipping sauce

10. Aroi Krab! (Delicious!)

Thai Food Lovers

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