Damnoen Saduak Floating Market For Boat Noodles On A Long Tail Boat!

Damnoen Saduak is one of Thailand Floating Market where you can go to get a buzz of how sellers and buyers trade from a boat.
It is a unique experience if you have not been to a market of this sort before.


It is such a picturesque scene so make sure you have your camera and video cam ready on hand.

Pay and take a ride on one of the long tail boat where the rower will take you in the klong (canals) where you will see traders showing off their wares and all types of souvenirs like wood-carvings, hats, clothing, decorative ornaments.

Thai Food Lovers

If you love Thai food, you will find good old fashion Thai Street Food with a difference from the vendors here.

Try the boat noodles - so called because the noodles are cooked and sold from the boat when you order it. The serving is only small so you do not have to worry about having too much or over-eating.

These days, good boat noodles have become a rarity so while you are here, you should try it - remember - the fun is also in adding the condiments that comes with it.

You can also buy local fruits that are seasonal, pressed dried fruits and Thai Sweets.

I did enjoy drinking from the young coconut where the juice is naturally sweet and as a bonus you get to savour the young, soft and really tender coconut flesh.

There was so much fun and enjoyment by everyone there when we were caught in a traffic jam in the canal. That's when the tourists became the center of attention for a change! I mean, you have to love it when the tourists wave and chatted to one another and starts to take snapshots of each other.

Once you are outside the canals, do not just leave as there are shops that you can really enjoy and shop as well especially if you are interested to know what they have on offer. If you are not keen on buying anything, walking around the shops is just as much fun -- although still hot!

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