So ... What Is Your Favorite Thai Food?

Welcome to Thaifoodlovers guide to Thai Food and let me show you how the different regions of Thailand like Chiang Mai in the North, Bangkok in the Center and Hatyai in the South, influence and shape the diverse tastes of the 4 "s" of any Thai cuisine - saltish, sweetish, sourish and spiciness. Get to know the joy of cooking using my closely guarded Thai recipes that you can easily cook at home.

So ... What can I say?

I am very very passionate about cooking and eating good quality food! In fact, I can spend hours experimenting, modifying and perfecting different types of food.

When we first opened our Thai Restaurant in Melbourne in the 1980s, Australians and the rest of the world were only just discovering about this mixture of 4 "s" flavored Thai food but since then, it has grown in popularity not just in the Western world but to the rest of Asia with Thai restaurants popping up in all major towns and cities!

Now, you can also easily find them available as prepacked cooked meals in major supermarkets and Asian food online stores when they fancy dining-in instead of take out. Of course, there is no comparison to eating the freshly prepared and cooked meals.

So … why is Thai food so popular?

Probably because Thailand travel is now even more popular with tourists as they find this country with its rich history and culture, the pamper of luxurious Thai massage together with a romantic getaway followed by exotic Thai cuisine that is nicely contained in a budget without blowing up your bank account and wished to be reminded of the good times after returning home.

Who knows? Maybe it is because of the movie "The King and I".

Thai cuisine is one of the best gourmet cuisines in the world (ok, ok .. you can tell I am not a very bias person -- lol!) It is well known for the diversity of ingredients and amazing spiciness giving us this healthy food that is packed with medicinal properties which is cooked and refined with more than two types of herbs or spices which are beneficial to health.

A few years ago, my friends and I created our own foodnetwork and formed a "food club", calling ourselves "Makan Club" where we would meet every 2 - 3 months to cook, discuss and enjoy our food and wines. My baby -- -- is born simply because I wanted to be able to share my passion with other food and wine lovers.

It is also because I just like everyone to rediscover the joy of cooking and eating good quality food that leaves you smiling with satisfaction, especially when ...

* I am a passionate cook
* I enjoy fine cuisine
* I enjoy evaluating on the quality of the food served
* I love a good drop
* I can go on and on about choosing a good bottle of wine
* I love cooking and eating with my friends
* I love cooking for my family using simple ingredients
* I enjoy seeking out the best places to eat

I therefore welcome you to join me on this exciting journey to explore how the rich cultural exchange of exotic tastes and influences has gathered all of these different influences and balanced them together with influence from the border and neighboring countries.

What has resulted is the birth of the very popular and exquisite tastes of Thai food loved by all …

I love for you and I to share ideas, cooking tips, Thai recipes, wines to match and the best place that you have been for a certain type of food.

So .. Let's have fun!

Do be interactive with me -- I will enjoy that the most!

Lastly, I will always be updating, adding new contents and new recipes, so please bookmark this site and check back here often.


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